Esports trening - creative extracurricular classes

video games?

It is extremely difficult to reach young people through traditional forms of communication. They don’t watch conventional television, don’t read printed media and in fact don’t listen to the radio. Nowadays adolescents draw their knowledge about the world primarily from social media.
The world of computer games and new technologies is the area that greatly engage young people.

What is
esports trening?

Esport training is nothing more than learning about teamwork, communication skills, patience, analytical thinking, respecting other people, and understanding your role in a team. Both theoretical and practical classes are conducted. Esport training sessions are held remotely, students connect via the Internet with our coach. Attendees can participate in class from the computer lab or their homes.
Our coaches are people with many years of experience and competence – we organize esports training since 2019.
We have the necessary knowledge to conduct esports training in four popular computer games: Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Minecraft.


The beneficiaries of the training are not only the students, but also the school – creating a student-friendly image and being responsive to pupils’ needs and interests. Based on many years of experience, we see that esports classes increase interest in the school during annual recruitment. By organizing esports training, we support students in their passion, at the same time we are shaping them as a conscious user of new media. Training sessions can function as a reward for best students, therefore motivating pupils to improve attendance, grades or behavior. Esports training is nothing more than the development of professional competencies, which are necessary in the 21st century job market.

Course -
key information

  • Classes are held on a selected day of the week – weekends also available,
  • The school determines whether classes are to be held in the morning or evening,
  • Students are in constant contact with the coach via webcams and a communication platform,
  • One group is a maximum of 10 people,
  • The standard training unit  is 2 or 4 class periods per week.
  • Classes are held in mixed groups, also in English,
  • During training, we are looking for talents who can power the school’s representation in esports,
  • The best teams or schools are invited to participate in esports leagues run by ESA,
  • In our classes, students develop interdisciplinarily.

About us

The Electronic Sports Association is a nationwide nonprofit organization. Since 2017, we have been continuously developing Polish esports, successfully implementing initiatives at the intersection of gaming, education, multimedia and sports.
We want to speak the language of young people, to build on their passions in order to develop professional competence.

  • we cooperate with more than 80 educational institutions, where we have conducted more than 6,000 hours of practical classes so far (thanks to the support of 30 esports coaches and professionals),

  • we have created a proprietary educational program: „Interdisciplinarity of electronic sports”, which has been implemented as an innovation in more than 40 high schools,

  • we had organized esports leagues for young people – at the school and academic level, in which more than 1,500 players competed against each other.

As the Electronic Sports Association, we cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Anti-Doping Agency and the Academic Sports Association, as well as the Foundation for the Development of the Education System. We represent Poland in foreign esports structures – International Esports Federation, Global Esports Federation and Esports Europe.


Project coordinator:
Mariusz Klimowicz
+48 724 494 867